New Alpha Resources

Where do I get _______?


A lot has changed in where you go to get various products.  Here is a brief overview - more detail will follow.


1. Alpha, Marriage and Marriage Prep books and DVD's


a. ChurchSource is the destination for all of these resources. http://www.


b. We have Spanish dubbing on the AFS DVD and Spanish subtitles on the Alpha with Nicky Gumbel DVD.  The AYFS DVD is English only. 


c. All videos of other languages can soon be found online. Stay tuned!


d. You can still get other language supporting resources (guest guides, team guides etc...) via alpha


2. Promotional items


a. The Alpha Print Shop has expanded the items they are carrying so check them out as well. https://print.


b. Looking for the Catholic intro guides or Alpha pens?  This is where you go. 


3. Books or manuals I used to get in the store, but are not there or in the Print shop


b.  After September 1, 2017, you can get these resources in three ways: 1) by contacting and working with your local bookstore  2) https://www. or 3)


Note: NO LONGER AVAILABLE - A Life Worth Living and Challanging Life Styles DVD curriculum as well as Parenting Youth and Parenting Teens Course DVD's.

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